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Destination Retail: The Store As Interactive Playground

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Verizon’s Destination Store Transforms Shopping Experience Into An Interactive Playground Designed To Educate and Engage. LOOMINGTON, MN — Let’s say goodbye to mundane retail and hello to the new interactive playground. 

Verizon’s Destination Store was developed with Sparks Retail and is part of a broader initiative that includes the redesign of Verizon Wireless’ more than 1,700 retail stores nationwide. Called Smart Stores, the newly redesigned locations showcase the same mobile lifestyle zones as the Verizon Destination Store but on a smaller scale.



La primera ´beauty store´ de Burberry es digital y conectada

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La primera `beauty store´ de Burberry, llamada Burberry Beauty Box, es una declaración de intenciones. Intenciones en cuanto a la apuesta digital instore me refiero. Así, la nueva tienda abierta en Covent Garden apuesta por el digital signage como elemento clave para destacar los productos de cosmética y belleza que la firma de moda acaba de lanzar.

El digital signage se puede convertir en un aliado de la experiencia con el consumidor, siempre y cuando aporte una utilidad real. Las implementaciones de pantallas en retail lanzan habitualmente mensajes unidireccionales con mucho enfoque en la marca y poco en salir al encuentro del público. Vemos que compañías como Burberry saben cómo se deben enfocar los medios digitales dentro de la tienda, y confío en que estos casos nos muestren caminos ejemplares para nuestros proyectos.



Interactive Mirror Displays Movements as Computer Graphics

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Designed by Teehan + Lax Labs, D.I.G.I.T is a digital mirror with a camera feed that translates movements and actions into computerized images. It is like looking into a mirror, but instead seeing an identical reflection of your hand, you actually see it in 3D.

This interactive display features 48 individual seven-segment panels, and uses an openFrameworks application to receive its motion commands. Each of the 1344 LEDs is controlled with a single Arduino micro-controller. D.I.G.I.T. comes to life depending on the changes of the background frame and the current frame during intervention.



ROI – Measuring Content Success

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When we talk about digital signage success – we mean ROI and it can be return on investment, return on involvement or just how to know your digital signage is working. Measuring viewer attention is easy with some basic strategies and tracking.

  • First, determine a clear, quantifiable goal
  • Then, create your message with a simple, easy-to-track call to action
  • Next, set up a response tracker like a webpage, web form or email address
  • Publish your message and look at how many people responded
  • And measure the results against objectives



Digital signage and the 'Store of the Future'

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As consumers become increasingly more connected, so too will multiple shopping channels — which is why the existing store model needs to be change and why smart retailers are starting to develop their version of "Store of the Future." This "Store of the Future" concept will vary from business to business but it will involve digital technology, integration and personally relevant experiences for customers.



9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today

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Over the past decade, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool. It has never been more important to build and maintain a stellar LinkedIn profile. The virtual professional network has morphed from an online resume and networking site to a comprehensive personal branding resource. Here are nine eye-opening reasons why you need to polish your LinkedIn profile right now!

1. It has millions of members.

2. It shows up at the top of Google searches.

3. People are researching you.

4. It’s packed with invaluable resources.

5. You don’t know what you’re missing out on.

6. You’ll stay ultra-current.

7. You’ll automatically remain connected.

8. It’s the most efficient way to manage your network.

9. It’s the ultimate personal branding platform.



Personal Branding: Four Foundational Principles

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We are going to discuss why personal branding is so effective, and we’re going to cover several key concepts which will keep you focused as you work to create your CelebrityExpert® brand

1) People buy people

2) Consumers prefer to do business with an expert.

3) You won’t be remembered unless you’re memorable.

4) Personal branding is about highlighting your strengths, not becoming someone you’re not



The Six P’s of Personal Branding

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You may have heard about “personal branding” but may wonder how to begin your own personal branding journey.The Internet is full of blog posts, articles, videos and even infographics about the benefits of personal branding but not too many give you a step-by-step guide on how to undergo personal branding for yourself. To help you think about the steps you need to take for personal branding, here are 6 P’s that you should consider when creating a strategy to build your personal brand.

Now that you know the 6 P’s of personal branding, you can start creating a personal branding strategy that will attract more clients and help you get better job offers. Personal branding does not happen overnight. It takes time. However, if you invest in your personal brand every day, you will reap the benefits now and in the future.



Why shopping will never be the same again

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In today’s omnichannel era of retailing, smart devices and superfast connectivity are taking the shopping experience beyond the high street or a fixed-line internet connection.

Why is this so important, and besides the evolution of technology, what is driving this shift?

  1. The redefined purchase cycle
  2. Any time, anywhere retail
  3. The growth of customisation
  4. The in-store experience, with
a difference

Nearly 40 per cent of consumers look at online product reviews when they’re browsing in-store



Digital Signage Touchscreens and Holographic Projections Increase Customer Service and Reduce Operating Costs

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ANTWERP, BELGIUM — Digital signage touchscreens are playing a significant role helping customers to select the right smartphone and reduce operating costs at Telenet Mobile. What’s really unique about Telenet Mobile’s concept is that they have managed to provide a high level of customer service while reducing the need for sales staff by using state-of-the-art technology.

“The concept store in Antwerp has been open for a while now and the first reactions have been wildly positive. The average customer appreciation level of the store is very high,” says Marc Bruers, CEO of DOBIT. “We are seeing that they do use the interactive tools that we have provided for them. And, very important, the average order value per customer is notably higher than that of other Telenet Mobile stores.”


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