Convergencia digital al extremo máximo. Experiencias digitales de marketing en el que el grupo objetivo es rodeado de diversas herramientas digitales en la medida adecuada y dentro de una estrategia coherente para generar una relación real con sus clientes obteniendose un real retorno de inversión.



10 creative ways businesses are using tablets

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From interactive drink menus to innovative payment systems, companies are always experimenting with fresh uses for tablets. Here are some of the most interesting examples

1. Interactive menus

2. Concierge services

3. Photo booths

4. Concerts and sporting events

5. Social bar games

6. Going beyond payments

7. Digital signage

8. Better equipping field employees

9. Pop-up retail shops

10. Specialized point-of-sales




20 innovaciones que están cambiando al retail

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  1. Realidad Aumentada
  2. Bluetooth Dirigido
  3. Comunicaciones basadas en alta voz
  4. Probadores conectados
  5. Los servicios de datos
  6. Billeteras digitales
  7. Paredes interactivas en pasillo
  8. Reconocimiento facial
  9. Análisis de campo
  10. Toma de huellas dactilares
  11. TV interactiva
  12. Programas de fidelización móviles
  13. Interfaz de usuarios más naturales
  14. PlayCaptcha
  15. Sistemas de gestión de filas
  16. Sistemas de escaneo rápido
  17. Espejos virtuales
  18. Ordenadores portátiles
  19. La impresión 3D
  20. Planificación plataforma 3D



Ten content marketing trends you need to know for 2014

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Content marketing topped the digital priority list in 2013, according to Econsultancy’s annual survey. Yet just 64 per cent of marketers agree that content marketing is set to “become its own discipline".

1. Authority

2. Influence

3. Opinions

4. Diligence

5. Agility

6. Curation

7. Responsive

8. Video

9. Distribution

10. Disillusion



TrueLine Publishing on how to utilize the internet for visibility and marketing

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TrueLine Publishing Shares Emerging Trends for 2014

● Media owners that invest in premium content will continue to build an audience.
● Marketing has to be integrative. Marketers need to take a holistic view, connecting emails, content and social media. Communications need to be personalized and relevant. No longer do consumers rely on what you say about your brand. They trust their friends, relatives, and peers and search for conversations on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
● Facebook, Twitter, and now, Pinterest have promoted ads on their sites and the free reach is diminishing. Social Media is now pay, if you want to play.
● Google+ will emerge in 2014 as more and more brands discover the site. Google+ has over half a billion users and is gaining as it becomes more relevant in SEO and content sharing.
● The explosion of mobile devices means that content must be accessible via smartphones and tablets. Your content must be responsive; your blog and visual content needs to be easy to view.
● Visual content is now essential. The Marketing Tech Blog shares the following stats: publishers who use info-graphics increase their traffic by 12%; content containing images attract 94% more total views than content without images; Facebook engagement increase 37% with posts that include photos.



Digital Play

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Change the way your consumers interact with your brand by giving them the power to control their own content.

Digital Play Experiences:

• Gestural Interactive Floor
• Gestural Interactive Wall
• Augmented Reality (AR)
• Virtual Reality (VR) 



The future of shopping: When psychology and emotion meet analytics

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The best part about the retail sector is that it combines four fun areas: Business, technology, and human behavior and psychology. Here's a tour of what may be coming to a store near you.

  • Emotion tracking meets retail

  • Mirror, mirror

  • Kinect in retail

  • Upscale vending machines that provide an experience

  • Video analytics meets store staffing

  • We'll give you discounts to watch our TV commercial


10 Online Marketing Predictions to Inform Your Strategy in 2014

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We saw new platforms, new channels, new roles and new tools pop up all over the place. It's been an exciting year for sure. But what's next?  I thought it would be fun and informative to put   together a top 10 list of marketing trends to keep an eye on.

1. Omni-channel advantage.

2. Smart objects take over.

3. Content marketing continues to explode.

4. Paid organic social amplification.

5. Influencer marketing is now part of your job.

6. Visual web domination continues.

7. Loyalty marketing takes center stage.

8. Big data personalization.

9. Snippet storytelling.

10. Rise of growth teams focused on innovation.




Destination Retail: The Store As Interactive Playground

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Verizon’s Destination Store Transforms Shopping Experience Into An Interactive Playground Designed To Educate and Engage. LOOMINGTON, MN — Let’s say goodbye to mundane retail and hello to the new interactive playground. 

Verizon’s Destination Store was developed with Sparks Retail and is part of a broader initiative that includes the redesign of Verizon Wireless’ more than 1,700 retail stores nationwide. Called Smart Stores, the newly redesigned locations showcase the same mobile lifestyle zones as the Verizon Destination Store but on a smaller scale.



La primera ´beauty store´ de Burberry es digital y conectada

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La primera `beauty store´ de Burberry, llamada Burberry Beauty Box, es una declaración de intenciones. Intenciones en cuanto a la apuesta digital instore me refiero. Así, la nueva tienda abierta en Covent Garden apuesta por el digital signage como elemento clave para destacar los productos de cosmética y belleza que la firma de moda acaba de lanzar.

El digital signage se puede convertir en un aliado de la experiencia con el consumidor, siempre y cuando aporte una utilidad real. Las implementaciones de pantallas en retail lanzan habitualmente mensajes unidireccionales con mucho enfoque en la marca y poco en salir al encuentro del público. Vemos que compañías como Burberry saben cómo se deben enfocar los medios digitales dentro de la tienda, y confío en que estos casos nos muestren caminos ejemplares para nuestros proyectos.



Digital signage and the 'Store of the Future'

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As consumers become increasingly more connected, so too will multiple shopping channels — which is why the existing store model needs to be change and why smart retailers are starting to develop their version of "Store of the Future." This "Store of the Future" concept will vary from business to business but it will involve digital technology, integration and personally relevant experiences for customers.


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