On-vehicle digital signage is on the move

Taxis, public transit buses and trains, shuttles and delivery vehicles are in the ultimate out-of-home environment and are poised for the expanding area of vehicle-mounted digital signage and LED messaging.

This frontier for digital signage is opening in high viewership urban areas, where a transportation authority or a network operator, as their agent, can leverage moving assets as well as existing ad sales and management capabilities. It is also driven by the hunger for display revenues, improved technology and advertiser demand.

There are four notable application trends in on-vehicle dynamic signage, including:

  • Taxicabs currently use dynamic digital signage in an advertising model, with at least two companies, Insight Digital Signage and LG-MRI offering integrated signage units. Verifone operates more than 100 units in New York City, selling the 2-minute loop length as 15-second spots. The units operate at 2,000 nits brightness and offer many variations in creative layout. Mark Devereaux, business development, media, at VerifoneMedia, notes that dayparting, week-parting and geo-zoning capability add value for advertisers.
  • Public transit buses and trains operated by municipal transportation authorities, which have long enjoyed advertising revenues from static sign advertising, are looking at shifting to dynamic signage in order to increase revenues from advertising on vehicles, street and station furniture.
  • Special-use and event vehicles with integrated dynamic signage are in limited but growing use. LED outfitted trucks deliver dynamic pedestrian-level messages and a double-decker bus called "The Stage" operated by Carisma in New York City is an example of this emerging application of on-vehicle dynamic signage.
  • The future may include vehicles operated by first responders (i.e. fire, police, ambulance) and security agencies including military, or drone-style delivery vehicles bearing dynamic signage for brand, advertising, public safety and information messaging.

Whether people or packages, the exterior of the vehicle offers a new source of revenue to the vehicle operator.


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