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Mobiliario urbano digital creado por los ciudadanos en NYC

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El digital signage no sólo debe ser bidireccional y tener capacidad de diálogo, sino que es el público el que le tiene que dar forma en sus funciones y contenidos. 

1. Best Connectivity


   2. Best Creativity


 3. Best Functionality


  4. Best in Community Impact


 5. Best Visual Design 


 6. Best community Impact (again)




Five brands that reaped rewards after adopting responsive design

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Responsive design is often touted as the future of web design based on little more than a vague sense that it makes websites more user-friendly and looks very cool.

And I’ll admit that one of my favourite things about it is watching how the content shifts around when you resize your desktop browser.

But responsive design isn’t just there to entertain simple minds. Aside from the SEO benefits, case studies are starting emerge that prove the technology can also increase traffic, sales and conversions.

O’Neill Clothing


This excellent case study from Electric Pulp shows that impressive results that O’Neill Clothing achieved after going responsive.

O’Neill tracked conversions, transactions and revenue for three weeks prior to launching its new site, then monitored the same metrics for three weeks after deploying the responsive version.

Electric Pulp says that the conditions it set in place during the redesign were “typical mobile patterns” that made the site more fluid and user-friendly.

 Skinny Ties


Probably my favourite example of responsive design in ecommerce, Skinny Ties decided to use the technology to both “reinvent the brand’s identity and develop a future-friendly platform to carry the business forward.”

The site was redesigned with touch and click usage in mind, which keeps the interface consistent and compact.


Time Magazine


After seeing its mobile visitors increase to around 10% of overall traffic at the beginning of 2012, decided that responsive design was the best way to cater for this growing audience. already had a separate WAP site, and one of the major goals of the redesign was to have a cross-platform look.

The designers from the print side worked hand-in-hand with the digital design team in the early stages to come up with an aesthetic in terms of font treatments, graphic treatments and the right use of photography.

Think Tank Photo

Photography equipment supplier Think Tank Photo (TTP) made the decision to rebuild its site using responsive design as mobile visitors had tripled in a year to 13% of overall traffic.


A brief case study to finish – mobile enterprise and point-of-sale hardware company Maxatec switched to responsive design to cater for increased mobile traffic.


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